We help accounting firms instill best practices in client development...

creating a strong sales culture throughout the firm.

We understand your challenges…

Changes in the economy, competition, and client demands have made it more difficult for professionals to bring in new business and retain existing clients. At the same time, firms are demanding greater business development results from professionals who want to advance their careers.

In today’s competitive environment, the responsibility for business development can’t rest solely on the shoulders of the few natural rainmakers.

Professionals at all levels– Partners, Managers and Staff – can develop the skills and confidence necessary to contribute to the growth and profitability of the firm.

Our programs have impact when…

  • The leaders would like to create a “university” approach to education, with courses to develop key competencies at each stage of a professional’s career.
  • Younger professionals have been given business development objectives for the first time, and need to develop skills and confidence, as well as a goal-oriented plan that can be implemented for immediate results.
  • Seasoned partners are focusing on target prospective clients, and can benefit from a common strategic sales plan process for improved hit ratios and shorter sales cycles.
  • Brand new recruits need basic communication and relationship-building skills as a strong foundation for the future.

Business Development Innovations will deliver…

  • Courses customized to meet the defined learning objectives for each target audience. Download a description of available learning modules.
  • Courses that are delivered in a blended approach to minimize time away from client service and maximize practical application in the field.
  • Curriculum that is firmly grounded in research, striking a balance between academic rigor and real world experience.
  • A classroom environment where professionals form relationships built on trust and respect, and develop effective team selling partnerships.

We’ll help you measure the results…

  • Execution of individual business development plan strategies and action plans
  • Application of new skills and behaviors
  • Financial impact
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