Real-world, practical experience grounded in academic research and strategic alliances...

a powerful combination that benefits our clients in many ways.

Our affiliations set us apart from other firms in several important ways:

  • Our training programs reflect the latest research and innovation in effective sales techniques.
  • Our curricula and teaching methods are reviewed and approved by a faculty oversight committee.
  • We’re accountable to our university partners to provide training of the highest quality.
  • Our instructors must have qualifications equivalent to those of a university adjunct faculty member.
  • Upon request, employees can earn a university certificate of completion after finishing our program.
  • Our strategic alliances allow us to provide our clients with a full breadth of resources to meet virtually any business challenge.

Our affiliations also provide our clients with leadership and strategic planning that can complement sales training and lead to greater long-term impact.

By connecting the resources of the academic community and our strategic affiliations with your sales force and your business, we’ll provide value for all stakeholders.

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