We help Relationship Managers evolve from a "loan officer" role...

to consulting with clients on broad business and financial goals.

We understand your challenges…

  • The number of healthy and stable businesses has decreased, while banks' tolerance for risk has also decreased, reducing the pool of qualified prospects for credit products.
  • Re-directing highly skilled lenders into a non-lender role is a challenge banks must face to grow non-interest income and deliver significant year-over-year results.
  • Generalists RMs often lack the expertise to consult with customers on overall financial and cash flow needs. They compete on the basis of rates and fees vs. their ability to help customers meet financial objectives.

Our programs have impact when…

  • The bank is looking to break down traditional product silos and organize team-selling around customers' total cash flow needs.
  • RMs need to develop skills necessary to uncover clients' overall financial and cash flow needs.
  • There is opportunity to increase customer wallet share by cross-selling across banking divisions, to include insurance products in the case of bank-owned insurance agencies.

Sales Innovation will deliver…

  • Consultation to help you maximize your investment in sales organizational improvement.
  • Courses that meet the defined learning objectives for each target audience, customized to your sales processes and culture.  Download a description of available learning modules.
  • Programs that minimize time away from selling.
  • A class environment that provides a structure and accountability to immediately generate revenue through practical application of knowledge to actual cross-selling opportunities.

We’ll help you measure the results…

  • Effectiveness of pre-call planning
  • Territory management and  pipeline development
  • Closure rates
  • Cross-sell results
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