Sales Innovation works with healthcare systems to optimize the physician relations function...

as a strategy to improve relationships with physicians and earn more referrals.

We understand your challenges…

Faced with increasing competition, shrinking reimbursements, and a changing regulatory environment, successful healthcare organizations are reevaluating their approaches to revenue growth. Healthcare systems need to position themselves for the future system of care, without compromising sustained growth in the present. While the term “sales” is not always embraced or even accepted in healthcare, now more than ever this function is a critical core competency.

Our programs have impact when…

  • The organization has experienced a decrease in reimbursements which can not be covered through expense reduction. Revenues are not covering operating expenses.
  • Employed physicians are looking for help in growing their practices, and traditional marketing methods are too expensive.
  • Employed physicians are referring patients externally while quality internal options are available.
  • Increased utilization is needed to accelerate the break-even point of investment in a service line.
  • A physician liaison function is being developed, or greater ROI is desired from the existing function.
  • There is an objective to present “one voice to the customer” across all entities and service lines.
  • The system would like to create a culture of accountability for growth throughout the organization.

Sales Innovation will deliver…

  • Processes to optimize use of data to identify and prioritize internal and external referral sources.
  • Analysis to define the staffing needs based on a cost benefit analysis.
  • Recommendations for organizational structure to ensure the right leadership and focus.
  • Evaluate current and new staff against the competencies needed for success in their roles.
  • Implementation of ongoing training and development for the team and individual performers.
  • Internal integration to create accountability for growth throughout the organization.
  • Implementation of sales processes, introducing best practices from business and industry.
  • Recommendations for incentive plans with relevant and timely performance metrics.
  • Ongoing training and development for individuals and teams, with courses customized to meet the defined learning objectives. Download a description of available learning modules.

We’ll help you measure results…

Whether you have a well-developed physician liaison program or are just in the beginning stages of planning, we will work with you to get the highest return on investment in this key function. We can help design measures for service line leaders to instill accountability for growth in addition to other key metrics such as quality, patient satisfaction, and safety.

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