An Innovative Approach to Learning

Learning methods need to evolve in new and innovative ways...

to meet the needs of professionals in a fast-paced, complex and diverse workplace.

Today's learners are acquiring knowledge differently, and organizations are leveraging learning and knowledge in new and diverse ways. As the pace of business continues to accelerate and work teams become more geographically dispersed, learning needs to evolve in innovative ways.

At Sales Innovation, we combine state-of-the-art technology with tradition.

Our courses are a blend of learning and application – in the classroom and in fieldwork before and after class sessions. Skills become ingrained and behaviors changed through an iterative process of exposure, practice, application and coaching. This process is comprehensive, but not complex, and is supported by a state-of-the-art technology platform.

Our technology allows for complete transparency—the process is visible to company leaders and leaders are visible to participants, heightening the importance of learning by creating buy-in and promoting engagement.

Your sales program is cost-effective and flexible.

What's the best way to make sure your sales people will take the time to engage with the material? Make it available when they're available.

The course lectures are accessible online 24/7. This keeps your sales people in the field developing sales during business hours, and allows us to dedicate classroom time to experiential learning like role-play and group exercises.

Our online lectures can be repeated on demand. So if a sales person doesn't "get it" the first time, they can review the material as often as they like to complete fieldwork, or to prep for coaching sessions with their sales manager.

If you have new sales reps, they don't have to wait for a scheduled course to start their training. They can begin anytime. And your sales managers can access any module of the course, at any time, to assist new hires or develop the skills of existing staff.

Our modular platform is scalable for use in larger organizations, through a "train-the-trainer" option.

Learning can be spread over a period of time based on your business needs. Because the materials are available online, you can bring together personnel that are located in different areas, without having to bring them together physically.

We turn your sales force into a "community of learning."

In the classroom, we use "role-playing" group activities to keep participants engaged and energized. We also give all participants a chance to talk … about your company, your products and services, your value proposition, your competitors and more. They also share their own "war stories," including successes and challenges.

Your sales "stars" also have an opportunity to share their skills, tips and experiences to allow others to learn from their best practices. Your sales managers are trained in how to mentor and reinforce the course content. What emerges is a shared body of knowledge. This information becomes an important resource your salespeople can use to develop their skills as they pursue new business.

Our approach makes the most of class time and uses online learning to give your sales force the opportunity to their share experiences on their own time, minimizing the cost of lost sales time when your people are out of the office for training.

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