Sales Organizational Effectiveness

We'll work with you as an extension of your team...

to assess, prioritize and act on opportunities to improve overall sales performance.

We'll work with you to review every aspect of your sales organization, and help you prioritize initiatives so that your time and money will be invested only in those programs that will lead to sales performance improvement.

Areas we explore with you include:

  • Selecting and hiring the best talent
  • Training, development and ongoing coaching for continuous skill improvement
  • Segmenting customer markets for strategic focus
  • Implementing best practices in formalized sales processes
  • Maximizing use of information technology to support the sales and learning processes
  • Integrating sales with marketing, operations, and customer support
  • Aligning management and leadership
  • Tracking relevant and timely metrics on business results, sales objectives, and sales activities
  • Aligning compensation and reward systems with goals and objectives
  • A commitment to continuous improvement

With clearly defined objectives, we create project plans with manageable steps – working at your pace, within your budget. We work as an extension of your management team, guiding you through development and implementation every step of the way. We’ll do as much of the “heavy lifting” as possible to keep your focus on business and sales.

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