Sales Force Development

When maintaining the status quo is not an option... 

developing your sales people to consistently win more business is a key strategy.

Why Invest in Sales Training?

The pressure is on from every direction:

  • Dynamic competitive landscape.
  • Customers commoditizing the purchase of your products and services.
  • Marketing budgets under strain.
  • Relentless changes in technology.

Confronted by these forces, how can your organization grow?

Developing your sales organization is your key offensive strategy. Investing in sales education equips more of your staff to consistently develop and win business, no matter what’s happening with the economy, technology or the competition.

What if through education, practical application, and coaching each of your sales people could achieve an incremental lift in sales? With the right resources, your return on investment can be substantial.

Custom Programs

Many companies make the claim of "customization." At Sales Innovation, customization means that we are developing relevant programs from the ground up based entirely on business and performance objectives.

In our case "custom" does not mean "more expensive."  Our efficient processes and modular curriculum allow us to deliver custom tailored programs in a cost-effective manner.

Our curriculum library has over 75 individual learning modules covering specific areas of the sales process, soft skills, and building market intelligence. Our modular approach gives us the flexibility to design a course that aligns exactly to the behavioral learning objectives identified in our needs assessment.  You get, and pay for, only what you need. 

The modular approach also allows us to build multiple training tracks for individuals at different levels of experience within your organization—from brand new to seasoned sales people.

Delivery Options

Courses can either be delivered by our facilitators, or through a train-the-trainer approach.  In the train-the trainer delivery model, you license Sales Innovation curriculum and technology, and deliver courses using your internal facilitators.

We help you identify qualified internal facilitators from your sales team or training department, and work with them to train and coach them on the curriculum and methodology.

  • Courses can be delivered at a fraction of the cost of hiring an external consultant, making this option more cost-effective and scalable for large sales teams.
  • You have complete flexibility in scheduling and can deliver courses just in time to new hires.
  • Sales managers are more integrated into the process and are better positioned to manage to the desired behaviors when the course is over.
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